What Is A Diversion In Aviation?

Why would a flight be diverted?

Flights can be diverted for many reasons.

Bad weather, mechanical problems, strikes, armed conflict, and natural disasters can cause a flight diversion.

Airline pilots may also divert flights because of disruptive passenger behavior, passenger or crew health issues, or legal issues that involve passengers..

What happens if my flight is diverted to another airport?

If your flight is diverted, the airline must get you to the destination airport on your ticket or reservation at no extra cost to you. You may be entitled to compensation if there has been a delay. For more information see Delays. The airline may arrange alternative forms of transport for you, such as a coach or train.

What are the steps to a diversion?

THE Diversion ChecklistSync Heading Indicator.Fix your location.Note the Time.Turn on to an approximate Heading.Draw a Line and determine the Distance.Determine True Track.Assess the drift from the Wind Correction Angle.Determine the Variation.More items…•

What does a rerouted flight mean?

The first type of being re-routed means that you are simply just put on a different flight than arranged and flown to your original destination but you have a different flight number than the flight number you had for your original flight.

How do you divert in aviation?

Procedure for Diversion:Note time and point of diversion.Determine the alternate.Turn to an approximate heading towards the alternate.Plot the course on a sectional chart and measure the course.Close flight plan after landing.

What are the 5 C’s in aviation?

Five C’s:Circle: If able, you want to minimize your travel so you can orient to the location without anything changing and not get any further off track.Confess: Admit that you are lost and need some form of assistance. … Climb: “Climb to cope” … Conserve: … Communicate: … Comply:

Can you claim if your flight is diverted?

If your flight was diverted to a different airport then you may be able to claim compensation if you arrived at your final destination more than 3 hours later than planned. However, you will not be entitled to compensation if the diversion/delay was caused by extraordinary circumstances.

Can airlines change departures?

Yes. They have the power to switch your arrival, layover, and departure airports for a variety of reasons. If it happens to you (and if you travel enough, it likely will), don’t get flustered and make a bad move—like panic-booking a last-minute flight on another airline for top dollar.

What does diverted mean?

1a : to turn from one course or use to another : deflect divert traffic to a side street diverting funds to other projects. b : distract trying to divert her attention. 2 : to give pleasure to especially by distracting the attention from what burdens or distresses children diverting themselves with their toys.

What are extraordinary circumstances for flight delays?

An ‘extraordinary circumstance’ is a situation in which there is the airline is not responsible for the problems with the flight. This includes the following situations: Extreme weather conditions during the flight, such as heavy fog or a storm. Natural disasters, such as a volcanic ash cloud.

What does in air recovery mean?

Recovery: Flight from the diverted location to the original destination. Landed: Flight has landed. The arrival time is actual touchdown or “wheels down”.