Question: What Is A Six Letter Word Starting With V?

What is a 5 letter word that starts with V?

Five Letter Words Starting with ‘V’vacua10vaded10vades9vagal9vague9vagus9vails8vaire8More items….

What are the words start with V?

13-letter words that start with vvideocassette.valedictorian.vegetarianism.ventriloquist.ventriloquism.vocationalism.ventrolateral.ventriloquize.More items…

What are some good v words?

Here are our top 20 V-adjectives:Vainglorious – vain; boastful.Valiant – brave; courageous; heroic.Validatory – serving to validate or corroborate.Valorous – having great valor.Vaporous – giving off a vapor, i.e. fog or smog.Vast – wide; large; of great importance.Vaulting – overreaching; exaggerated.More items…

Can English words end in V?

“You already know the rule that English words don’t end in i or j. Today you will learn the rest of the rule, which states that English words usually don’t end in u or v.”

What is a positive word for V?

Positive Words That Have 6 or More LettersWordDefinitionSynonymvaliant (adj.)brave in the face of dangergallantvalidate (v.)to provide confirmationcorroboratevalorous (adj.)brave or honorablecourageousvaluable (adj.)having a high worthprized34 more rows

Are there any 2 letter words starting with V?

2-letter words with VAv.BV.CV.DV.eV.FV.GV.HV.More items…

How many V words are there?

310 WordsAlan Beale’s Core Vocabulary – V (310 Words)

What is a fruit that starts with the letter V?

Names of fruits beginning with ‘V’: Vanilla Bean, Vanuatu raspberry, Velvet apple, Velvet pink banana, Voavanga.

Is VAUN a Scrabble word?

VAUN is not a valid scrabble word.

What’s a 7 letter word that starts with V?

7-letter words starting with VVaaliesvacancevaliantvalidervalidlyvalinesvalisesvalkyrsvallaryvallate25 more rows